Doug Funnie Presents: The "unofficial" Collaboration Mixtape

by Doug Funnie

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Lord Cheshire
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Lord Cheshire This whole CD is amazing. moving out is my favorite here, gets stuck in my head for days man! Favorite track: Movin' Out (Beefy, & Hairetsu).
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A mixtape of recent collaborations of Many Artists Including Alpha Riff, 1-UP, PTP, MC Ohm-I, Josh Krow, Beefy, Hairersu, Eye. Q, Bad Barry, MC Eats, Damp Heat, Beaker, Sammus, Lefty, Richie Branson, MegaRan, DWHB, & Sheldon Mcqueen.


released November 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Doug Funnie Dallas, Texas

“Indie-rocking funk and R&B with hopelessly erudite lyrics about pop culture, history, and science –– still popular? Popular shmopular. As long as what comes next is good, there’s always going to be an audience for shticky, head-bobbing brilliance. Enter: Doug Funnie” – Ft. Worth Weekly

Doug Funnie is a Underground Hip-Hop Artist who is mainly associated with the genre known as “Nerdcore Hip-Hop”
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Track Name: Invincible (Alpha Riff, PTP, 1-UP)
Doug Funnie :
The Incredible, untouchable, invincible, don’t touch me cause I’m on a roll
Luigi, seen on T.V., so believe there no Super Mario
I can help you out by (stomp, stomp, stomp) stomping them out
Simply what we talking about
And the same will happen if you were to just open your mouth
By something I usually do
And I can change it up give you a option or two
Couple of suits, a fire or two
Flying at you or we can always go back to the shoe, dude
Now I don’t know what to tell you man
When I’m flip, flying like superman
Epilepsy? Then you dying man
Now you got the answer like Who’s The Man?
Me! Luigi, A.K.A. DF
Don’t have to say who is the best
I’m rocking with the green but I Digress, Man
But have to say it again
With the All Bar Team we in it to win
We in the clear from beginning to end
You can come along, bring your family and friends

Alpha Riff:

All right, let me step in the game
Riff in the name
Fittin’ to aim
Heart on my sleeve again
Metaphoric strain with a rainbow stain You can call me invincible
At the start of the story I’m the primary principle So nice they took the name and named it twice Don’t need no suits when I come through
Just five yellow points will do, straight icey
Big Bow gonna bow when he see’s it’s a me
Yanking down them skull flags
Bullet Bills not stand a single chance, been passed
The untouchable, indestructible brother crew
Koop koop wanna do what we can do
Stand against us if you got something to prove
Out of the skillet, into the fire
Got the speed of a thousand flowers fired
Kids better run and duck for cover
Yo pops on that lonely island like a mother lover
MFer messed up when he messed with this peach lover Time to block break, grab a boot, shooting stars
Came so hard that I got banned in the birth land



Slow to catch on, man they syrup on my egos, got my star power on, I'm stackin these goombas like some legos
Don’t like it you can kiss on deeze, caz I'm nasty in your face, from all of mah other killing sprees
Kinda lil bit like the Xbox One, before you even started man you over and done
What they doin is they keep tryin, but the more lives they be buyin, the end’s always the same koopas sitting around and whining
Can’t hang with the crew, naw, dude you ain’t Mr Cooper, I’m a brother who likes Mario games and yes I’m super
Underworld, sky stage 64 Imma wreck it all, destroy Bowser in his own castle make him a wrecking ball
So much star power can’t hardly contain it, bustin out, like I was Nerd Life Entertainment
Like an outkast fresher and cleaner than all these other cats, I get flyer and meaner when I put on all of these other hats
Track Name: RetroSystematics ( 1-UP, MC Ohm-I, Phantastik The Phenom, Eye. Q, Josh Krow)

Gettin off of work you know I'm bout that game time, Emulate old school at the same time NES Lame time
Take a trip back in time with the Ninja Turtles, Make 'em deader killin Shredder bosses be like hurdles
These Retrosystematics man I always have it never stop, Blowin on the cartridge like the game was called Super Hot
Changing up the roles Smithy and Smelter, I'm a Superstar Kirby turn y'all into helpers
I give about Zero Fs what racing game you think is best, but you can test my skills in anyone I'll win and that's a bet
Put the cash down now I got em lookin, what I got cookin? A Mario Kart whooping
Can't see right red light green light, blue shell, thunder bolt hit em with that V Bite
Versus on the sticks, I hope you learned though, you got burned the first time Cinder Innnfeeerrnnooo

MC Ohm-I:

I had the N64 with the transfer pak
Pokemon on my GameBoy? I TRANSFER THAT
And I plan to slap gamers when they enter my stadium
Gym leaders or elite 4, I ain't afraid of 'em

Level up and bring my Pokemon back
Yeah, I'm always on track like Pokemon Snap
Hit up Perfect Dark, killin' all opposin' contacts
Then murder enemies in Goldeneye while holdin' long gats

Diss my favorite console and not treatin' it fine?
Then better heed my warnin' while you peepin' this rhyme
I'll start holdin' and beatin' your spine
And I'll sealin' ya mind like Ocarina of Time

I'm an original Smash Brother...and if you ask others
Mastery of those characters what I had covered
Diss my N64? I will handle you cruelly
If you can't bear to be fly like Banjo-Kazooie


Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I'm done rapping man you will remember this
Back in the day the games were so good, I'm playing games for hours with these kids up in my neighborhood
These days man we running home to cardio, used to be excited to go and run home to Mario
With 1-UP and Ohm-I we brought them all stars, cut beats no scars we bout to bring it so hard
It's getting heated and they're headed for the certain doom, gotta do a guile hit you with the Sonic Boom
The system, like a nuclear collision or fission, let's try and take it back Collecovision
New story lines.... so bored and you SWORE, to take all that trash out, make it your chore
Retrosystematics, yeah they gonna always last, like Zelda they're a link to the past


So important in my life I refuse to anything but first player or I'll fly off the handle like Vega
In the past before dreamcast I'll take ya, before Saturn or Gamegear when it was just SEGA!!
Had a wrestler's Rage in the Streets where I Blaze by Tiger Fist combos, back spins and... Roller Blades
Before 40 hour a week labor, it was so peaceful back then, since the Zombies ate my Neighbors
See the times we're going back to? Reaching back.. WAY BACK... like the beast arms on Shaq-Fu
Mind Sonic spinning, thinking about ridgid Knuckle action, so many Tails like when I was a Moon Walker, as Michael Jackson
Attacking the rim from full court in NBA Jam, with sense, direction and magnitude, check my Vectorman
Straight to it like 2-D, Used to fake sick to perfect my games so there is no way they schoolin me!

Doug Funnie:

Want to talk games? Talk to the Originators
If you play me, I’m the Motivator annihilator
Cause these basic players always think they got the game
But the game here today aren’t really made the same
Need Tutorials? Is that because you’re wack?
What’s instruction Manual? I don’t think I ever heard of that
Play with power with the power gloves and power mat
Shooting all Moves and ‘Kinect’-ions with the Power Gat
You aint a vet, if you really don’t remember that
Rookies get Punched out like Tyson to a Lil’ Mac
Consider this, the world needed the Konami Code
Like “Take this. It’s too dangerous to go alone”
Cause they know the NES is no easy feat
Whats a game that you beat besides Mario 3
Im the Best, put your skills to the test
Wanna be next, pick me up, the NES

Josh Krow:

12 Years old, school ends and I run out, kick flipin at the skate park while the sun's out
Then after dark, I make a lonely walk, and I'm headed back home to play some Tony Hawk
On the PS1, We had fun, Heavyweight champion there can only be one
So I'm, defending my title in Smack Down 2, and it's a table match I will smash you through
I used to stay up late playin R.E 3, Printed off the walk through from CheatsCC(.com)
Nemesis busting in, you know it scared me, pulled out the magnum quick 180
Final Fantasy it was my favorite game that I had, winning all the games I played of Triple Triad
When I beat you, your favorite card I might jack, and if you got a problem Gun Blade I'll Fight back


Collecovision, we on, 1980s, we on, We the ones that came with game that they are now on
Playin on that Donkey Kong, movin with that Zaxxon, a lot of gamers of today they don't know where we coming from
Chuck Norris - Super Kicks, I bet they never heard of it, Pit Fall 1 and 2 retrogamers coming through
Centipede, Chop Lifter, Deer and the Frogger, 1 and 2 don't even bother
James Bond, Mr Do, Mouse Trap playing through retro gaming like I told you
Pop Eye, Q*Bert, Spy Hunter, Sub Rock, Star Trek, Star Wars
Playing games till my Collecovision gave me... Thumb Sores
So what you know about that? Collecovision gaming track, to all my players where your games at

The arcades where your quarters at, the retro gamers bout to take it back, we put em on the map

The arcades where your quarters at, the retro gamers bout to take it back, we put em on the map