From Hardship 2 Triumph

by Doug Funnie

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Artwork by Shane Campos


released June 10, 2012

All lyrics and instrumentals (excluding track 1) by Doug Funnie:
twitter & youtube: Funniemusic
Facebook: Doug Jason Funnie



all rights reserved


Doug Funnie Dallas, Texas

“Indie-rocking funk and R&B with hopelessly erudite lyrics about pop culture, history, and science –– still popular? Popular shmopular. As long as what comes next is good, there’s always going to be an audience for shticky, head-bobbing brilliance. Enter: Doug Funnie” – Ft. Worth Weekly

Doug Funnie is a Underground Hip-Hop Artist who is mainly associated with the genre known as “Nerdcore Hip-Hop”
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Track Name: Popular Demand
Popular Demand:

Back by demand and these haters asking why/
after cancelation im back, like family guy/
Theres no peter griffin, they just remembered what they was missin'/
Fans put the batsign up signing petitions/
Now theres superstition about Hip-hop falling/
i spring back into action, Quail-man callin'/
Im destroying the origins of these wack M.C.'s/
And i leave them in a million pieces like Mike Teevee/
My shit so sweet, Slugworth Stole me/
And im a Wad of cash YOUNG MONEY cant BLOW ME/
You cant hold me. Kick the door up off the hidges/
These cats are tripping already grabbing they syringes/
and mushrooms, im smelling doom up in the room/
Im so dope it like i flew up off the spoon/
and the reason why im back by popular demand/
Like a white man with a badge, Im the fucking man/
Track Name: Bangin' On A Trashcan
Banging on a trashcan:

Banging on a trashcan, thats what i use to do/
Make a tight beat for my entire crew/
to freestyle to. Simply dropping sickly rhymes, Crazy like whitneys lines/
So divine i am with the beats that i made/
They never on my level so they never on the same page/
drummers need drumsticks, i need a pencil/
Breakin yo neck like im rolling with Flipmode/
Squad. Oddly enough, i was born for the music/
"Whos this? Man this dudes sick/
Heard hes a nuisance,Lines dont make no sense/
Heard he would burn if you brought him a crucifix"
Hear them talk as the haters hate/
with the "self-improvement" ass es as the mental masterbate/
They cant damn my name and it always turn the same/
Scenario, mad cause i kill the track like serial/
Here we go again, smacked all yo ugly friends/
Matter of time til i make these beats into dividends/
all the shit we did, with all the shit we bring/
when the shit was getting heavy we just started to sing/

(Chorus) Banging on a trashcan, Drumming on a Streetlight/

Hi, Im Axel. I Rage In The Street/
Im the music update and your rhymes Obsolete/
You see, theres a difference between you and me/
Im the hip-hop Prophet, and you a regular M.C./
They call me 'Sire' like RUN DMC/
And im not tryin to Knight them when i drop them to they knees/
Please, see you scared when im rolling with my fellas/
We the "Stomp" Musical, and you cant bang with us/
when these other rappers trying to ride or die/
Worrying they rep trying to stay so fly/
when i look them in the eyes, and bust it like plies/
Step them all aside and commit Genocide/
Why? Cause i can and i dont give a damn/
and i seen too much green if i seen green eggs and ham/
maybe im just trippin, still painting my vision/
Fuck these other rappers giving the second opinion/
but they only human getting it off they chest/
but i dont need 2 cents, Do i look like Unicef?
Then again i been doing this since pre-k/
and we sang the chorus all day like/

I remember these beats didnt hit so hard/
but i managed to spit like a damn Charizard/
but,my flames didnt burn to hot then/
All my classmates looking at me crazy when/
sitting in class, banging on a desk,
trying to be the best, you know i got to start somewhere/
Talk alot of mess, put that shit to rest/
cause i frankly just dont care/
about your bullshit, how i spit is better than you ever heard/
call my shit crazy? Better yet, its absurd/
beating on these rappers trying to be defensive/
my shits too rich, Mr. Dink Say "Expensive"
Track Name: Back To School
Back 2 School:

When i get up on a track, i bust it like "BLAOWW"
Equipped with my Method, Man. They call it "Tical"
cut through any venue i only been though/
Catch a attitiude, then im cutting stools like im Tenchu/
Who? Tis is i. The Panamian guy/
Built Texas tough. Implies the "All -terrain-ian guy"/
Cause my shit is off the wall, goes beyond your comprehension/
Cause my shit is radical like Mathematical Expressions/
Guessin? Are you kidding? Man, i already know/
got the science Bill Nye, couldnt figure the flow/
a genius like Einstein, but i cant really compare/
but me, You see, Equals theses MC's Squared/
Yeah, they curse me at the bottom but i dont really hear them/
Im the top the triangle and they try the pythagorean theorem/
They got to be isosceles, im already in flight/
equilateral mindset, my angles in right/

(Chorus) Ill be your Sub when I bring you back to school, Dummy/
Youll learn something when I bring you back to school, Dummy/
Your no fool when I bring you back to school/
Old School meet new when I bring you back to school, Dummy

How we trapped in the mind? Do we need the Condemnment?
I free us all slaves like the 13th Amendment/
Dammit, i dont think we need this cage anymore/
Im Edgar Allen Poe, I quote the Raven "Nevermore"
Leaving them all behind, im simply forgetting them/
and the caught in the same room as the 'Pit and the Pendulum'
Darkened. But im sparking up my own mentality/
Turn these squared into circles but doing a 360/
illusion based, who to chase in the rat race/
little bread, lettece, cheese just to stuff my fucking face/
in this case of Boy Meets World, im tighter than wranglers/
Im down with chasing goals, while your chasing Topangas/
Now, you see the problems i found/
You'd probably get out if you knew the know-how/
Now that your aware, you wont follow like cattle/
Im my experience, "Knowing is Half The Battle"
Track Name: Bottom Of The Barrel
Bottom Of The Barrell:

Ever felf like you were at the bottom of the barrell?/
Stuck in the corner when shits got you in a quarrell?
Scratching notes on the wall, using only your nails/
Branded a 'Fuck-up' when everything you know fails/
but at least that what your toe tag reads/
And you start to lose faith when your thumbnail bleeds/
it just leaves you numb, dumb-down, contemplating suicide/
Like leaving this world would lead you to a better life/
In this Dog-Eat-Dog world, You should know your Biology/
Your bleeding yourself dry, writing your Autobiography/
"Its got to be written, the mistake cant be made twice"
But who really want to take in a 'fuck-up's' advice/
your stuck in the same state, you need to escape/
not progressing so far, so your filled with hate/
your waiting around for someone to pass you a freebie/
its survival of the fittest and your making this easy/

(Chorus) Stand tall through it all, even ball a fist/
To win this challenge, you got to go through all of it/
Its Stranger than Fiction and your Starring, Will Ferrell/
Reach for the top at the bottom of the barrel/

Ever felt like you wanna bare-knuckle brawl/
Fight a emo kid at the Hot Topic at the mall/
Give the sensitive a real reason to bawl/
for fighting for your right, without even having a cause/
I pause, Breath deep, then i count to five/
start thinking happy thoughts before i lose my mind/
i saw the sign, but it didnt open my eyes/
The sign behind it read that "It was all full of lies."/
Compromise yourself from whatever you were going to be/
for acceptance of the masses or at least in your community/
The scrutiny of the majority of everyday society/
make individuality caught on their own vanity/
Prep / Goth? I hear the shit and i scoff/
Hate the world but you love the shirt that you bought./
Caught in the strings of your very own dream catcher/
But the one that was caught wasnt the one that you were after/

Ever felt like you wanted to destroy something beautiful/
Its like a motion picture with the state-of-the-art visuals/
caught in awe, but im the only one standing/
its seems like life needs a little man-handling/
an eye for a eyes, it just leaves us both blind/
but still you fell the same pain in my mind/
sometimes you feel like theres nothing behind the door/
your not solo, everyone been there before/
Track Name: Peanuts

I be like Linus, Im the flyest muthafucka that you seen/
it seems im most hated when im holding down the team/
with Charlie Brown-San, They want it? they can get some/
Hold me up for ransom as they blow me on my samsung. when thats done,/
I whip them with my blanket, they cant take it, so they running off/
Everytime im coming though, mouths wanna be running off/
And i dont understand it, maybe im a little different/
They giving me attention, dissing in every single sentence/
Did i mention? Im the one that is best in my field/
Yet they give me no respect like im Rodney Dangerfield/
What is real in this business if you cant get rid of me?/
Do whatever the fuck you want with your freedom of speech/

AAHHHH! Releasing Frustration/
Am i the only sane one caught in this manifestation?/
Should i shoot like the Red Baron for not caring any less?/
Its the stress, its overbearing, need to get it off my chest/
catch a breath its a test, its survival of the fittest/
dont pay them any mind. Just head to the finish line/
The signs show you were ment for something great/
now look at Linus when he smacking Sally on his date/
Like "Bring Sally up, Bring Sally Down"/
let them hoes know he aint playing around/
Climbing up the ladder, building up the "Swagger”/
Hit the track so hard it be leaving with a stagger/
What the matter? Don’t like it when I get above your feet?/
Fuck kicking the ball. Ima fucking kick Lucy/
The only problem left is getting that redhead/
Show her some affection outside and on the bedspread/
Not for relations, but any situation/
Im approaching her and ill I hear fucking cats hating saying/
Track Name: Legendary (+Hidden track)

As a kid, I try to be the best, Of Course/
Then I grew up with the power of the fucking Tri-force/
The Master Sword as my words then I cut them in two/
I Link to the Past to see what the future would do/
I rock on like guitars with heavy distortion/
Write my own dawn history of epic proportions/
Then I force them to bite they tongue. the game is done/
Breath a fresh air like pierce lung, the battles won/
So who is the next challenger?/
Straight gunning for the goal like a ex-caliber/
Hitting hard like Gallagher, im losing my mind/
Im a butterfingered crackhead the way im dropping these lines/
And I crank it up, like my name was Chev Chelios/
Im shocking “Disaster! Best Of..” videos/
They O.D. cause its laced with my silly flow/
And most coroners reports it as ‘Death by Stereo”/

Serious tho, I wont stop til you call me Legendary/
Follow me, man, that would be some weigh to carry/
To the museum to the Coliseum/
Having ‘Legend” Dubbed up in my mausoleum/

Muthafuckas know I rip cats, Break them off like Kit-Kats/
Like This, That, (And um) This, That, Til I break backs./
Leave they ribs cracked in the same attack/
Lay back, stand tall and they small like some tic-tacs/
Doug Funnie is the coldest, throwest, boldest/
Muthafucka spitting flames out the orifice/
They know of this, every MC I dismiss/
In a instant, they red and green like its Christmas/
Bloody and bruised. Why should I show them any mercy?/
Leave them Klump-ed up like the fucking Eddie Murphy/
Better than the rest, call me the best/
Shit so clean its like I soap it with Zest/
They not worthy,
drop dead weight fast and in a hurry/
Make Dennys employees/
Always trying to serve me/
Hit a “Grand Slam” til they put me on payroll/
Say “Goddamn” funky like Tuna Casserole/

Serious tho, I wont stop til you call me Legendary/
Follow me, man, that would be some weigh to carry/
To the museum to the Coliseum/
Having ‘Legend” Dubbed up in my mausoleum/

And I keep hitting hard, without the use of steroids/
Stay busting ass like a muthafucking hemorrhoid/
Sterile boys don’t give a fuck when I run Amok/
Fly V for Vendetta like a Vengeful Mighty Duck/
That’s whats up. Running through any kind of obstacle/
Dudes hating me cause im doing the impossible/
Its probably cause I causes them to pause/
Cutting through these tools like a multipurpose saw/
For being repetitive, just being competitive/
While they stuck on the sedatives, they being compliementive/
Trying to come back with the raps that are just wack/
Keep that shit like mummies and leave that shit underwraps/
Its pure crap like the demon off of ‘Dogma’/
People are flys, it is garbage that they fond of/
Im here to change that with original flow/
Cause im like Tony Jaa the way im dropping these ‘bows/

Serious tho, I wont stop til you call me Legendary/
Follow me, man, that would be some weigh to carry/
To the museum to the Coliseum/
Having ‘Legend” Dubbed up in my mausoleum/